What We Do (differently!)

What We Do

With our team of dentists and hygienists sharing a combined experience of over 60 years in private practice, you can be sure that we will look after your mouth in the same way that we look after own.

Most dental practices offer two levels of care by mixing private and NHS dentistry. We are different because we feel that there is only one level of care – the best possible. Using the best materials and equipment available, we take as much time as you need to be cared for properly without compromise or constraints.

We will do the best for you, not the most. Even if that sometimes means
doing nothing!


Contact Details

Our telephone number is 01887 820441 and we welcome all calls.
We can be contacted by e-mail on info@andersondentistry.co.uk

Anderson Dentistry, 10 Bank Street, Aberfeldy, PH15 2BB

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